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Group Psychotherapy In London

Group Psychotherapy 

Our family group is where we first learn to relate to others and absorb the culture we are born into. Challenges we experience during early life events often present themselves in adulthood when relating to others, even though we may feel our problems are unique to ourselves.


In Group Psychotherapy, individuals can explore how their earlier experiences have shaped their current situation. By providing multiple perspectives and the opportunity to learn from others, the group setting is often ideal for examining and confronting interpersonal and relational difficulties, which can manifest as depression, anxiety, personality disorders, or addiction disorders.

Group Therapy provides a safe space for individuals to come together and feel less alone. For those who feel increasingly isolated and disconnected from the world, the profound learning from themselves and others can provide a sense of connection and a more joyous way of being.

As members mature in the psychotherapy group, they may learn to slow down, sit with their feelings and thoughts, and confront trauma and earlier life events. By sharing their experiences with others who have had similar or related histories, members can give voice and memory unto often disassociated trauma, while receiving empathy and acceptance from their peers.


Through this process, members develop a deeper awareness of their relationship patterns and learn to reflect on how they experience others and how others experience them. This increased awareness of themselves and others enables deeper, more meaningful relationships within the group and beyond.

Group Psychotherapy In London

If you are considering joining Group Psychotherapy, here is what you can expect:

  • The group consists of a maximum of eight carefully selected individuals who are assessed for their suitability and possible barriers to joining the group.

  • The assessment process includes a minimum of three individual sessions with the group conductor prior to joining.

  • Members are expected to commit to regular attendance and communicate planned absences in advance.

  • The group is confidential, and members are required to sign a confidentiality agreement, group rules, and norms.

  • Members do not have contact with each other outside of the group session.

  • Group sessions last for 90 minutes and always meet on the same day and time. Members can choose to join an evening or daytime group, or even a twice-weekly group.

  • The group consists of individuals from all walks of life and cultural traditions.

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