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Psychotherapy in London Fees


Assessment and Consultation:

£120 per 90-minute session

Individual Psychotherapy:

£80 per 50-minute session

Once Weekly Group Therapy:

£150 per month (90-minute sessions) 

Twice Weekly Group Therapy :

£310 per month (90-minute sessions) 

Online Therapy: (Individual Therapy only)

£70 per 50-minute session

I offer a limited number of concessionary spaces to charities, trainees, and individuals who have a need for financial assistance.

I understand that fees can be a barrier to access for some people and I am committed to making our program affordable for everyone.

If you are interested in one of these concessionary spaces, please get in touch.

We can work together to determine a fee that is affordable for your income and circumstances.


You can pay fees either in cash or by BACS after each session.

Or, alternatively, you may prefer to be invoiced monthly.

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